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Kyte Research builds innovative decentralized apps never seen before in the blockchain world. Our flagship product AirLyft is a one-of-its kind marketing platform for crypto projects.


Growth Hacking for Crypto Startups

AirLyft is the most complete decentralised, multichain, growth hacking platform ever created for projects to establish, expand, and engage their community. It is a feature-rich platform to incentivise on-chain/off-chain actions by the community. AirLyft also automates the validation, reward creation as well as distribution, thereby saving hours of marketing & development effort. The platform supports 9+ blockchains and is ready for all projects including DeFi, GameFi, NFT Projects, & Metaverses.

Following are the market pain-point we are trying to solve,

In the present blockchain industry, companies are excellent at creating products, but when it comes to marketing and expanding their community, these products fail to obtain the necessary momentum, which causes the growth curve to eventually flatten out significantly. The following are some of the issues:

  • Bots or multiple accounts are used by a few users to gain an unfair advantage in contests, which demotivates the real community members from participation.
  • It takes hours to design & develop a contest that will captivate participants and teach them about the project at the same time i.e. Learn To Earn campaigns.
  • Validating user’s actions on the blockchain, and connecting them with actions on other social media channels is a laborious task.
  • Collecting wallet addresses of winners & distributing rewards is a cumbersome activity.
  • Once users win a token reward, they usually swap the same with other assets as they are unaware of the token applications.
  • Web3 users are scattered across blockchain/ecosystem silos & it is difficult for projects to attract and onboard users active on different chains.