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Air Pool

AirPool which is also known as AirLyft Reward Pools is a module where projects can lock their existing tokens be it

  • ERC20
  • XC20
  • ERC721
  • ERC1155

on AirLyft smart contract and use the locked rewards to distribute rewards on-chain in a campaign.

Now, some points to worth note here is

  • Provides a sense of trust to participants that as the token is locked, they will be rewarded for sure, provided they are shortlisted.
  • Automates your entire reward distribution strategy.
  • Saves hundreds of hours and gas fees for marketing & community team.
  • Projects can double confirm that participating users are legit and they are actually paying the gas fees to claim their rewards.
  • Created Reward Pool can be REUSED in any future campaigns.
  • Project Owners can WITHDRAW the rewards at any point, provided it is not used in campaign, from AirLyft directly to the source account.
  • Project Owners can DEPOSIT tokens into the created reward pool at any point.
  • Provide a brief overview of how many & what type of tokens have been distributed on a campaign level to enhance your strategies.
  • Boosts long term engagement between community members and participants because of quick actions.

There are tons of benefits that are associated with the AirPool and we sincerely believe it can be really helpful point to implement into your future growth strategy. Do check our next article on how to create pools for your reward tokens.

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