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AirLyft provides projects the flexibility to view participant-wise data at any point during a campaign. You can check the number of the quests a particular user has done, their total fuel & XP, and drill down into the quests have they performed as a part of this campaign. Let's take a deep look at where can we view the participant list.

  1. In the "Action" column select
  2. Hover on "More"
  3. And then select "Participants"
  • The Participant view provides a overall view of users who have participated from multiple sources such as Email, Metamask, Twitter, Telegram etc. You can also view what are the entries a particular user has been rewarded and how many tasks have they completed.


  • Alternatively, if you want to check for what all tasks has a particular user completed, you can simply click on the Details option specific to that user and check the drill down of different actions performed by them on this event.
  • You can also filter submissions based user the quest, participation date or user.

  • You can also use "Export CSV" to get all the participation data in a CSV for further analysis.

For instant help
  1. Create a support ticket on our Discord:
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The AirLyft Team is there to help you. AirLyft is a platform to run marketing events, campaigns, quests and automatically distribute NFTs or Tokens as rewards.